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September 9, 2018

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How do you communicate about Employee Wellbeing?

September 27, 2018


Reinforcing the message of employee wellbeing can sometimes sound like a broken record so how do we really engage employees in their own wellbeing. Well, once a wellbeing strategy is in place using the right communication channels to promote it is key. Here are some of the ways you can get your wellbeing campaign out there;



1. Through meetings with line managers - Promotion of employee wellbeing starts with the direct communication between a line manager and their direct report. This can be as simple as setting aside 5 minutes during each of their 1to1's where both individuals can discuss their own wellbeing and share tips of how they keep well in the workplace.


2. Emails/Channels - Company or team wide e-mails are a great way to launch elements of a wellbeing strategy including providing links and info guides to everyone in the business. Another great way to keep the conversation going is using a chat platform such as Slack to discuss wellbeing events or talks in the office - you can even schedule a chat bot to keep the conversation going for you. 


3. Regular employee surveys that include questions on wellbeing  - If you are sending out an employee survey every month or every other month then why not make one of the sections in it focused on health and wellbeing. For those who may want to share their thoughts or feedback anonymously then this is a great platform in which to do it. 


4. Intranet - If you have an employee benefits section in your intranet why not expand this so you have a health & wellbeing area which can act as a central depository of how to guides and links to external providers. 


5. Online wellbeing portal - This maybe attached to a insurance scheme you already have such as Vitality but you may also want to have a conversation with your benefits platform to make sure you have the right customisation to really promote health and wellness. This could be as simple as reviewing how much discounts or perks you offer to employees that are wellbeing led - have a conversation with your provider to see if there is more they can offer in this area. 


6. Posters - This may not be the most digital solution but for some organisations posters or flyers on a bulletin board works better if employees are not connected to their phones and laptops all day.  


7. Wellbeing workshops - This could be some lunch ’n learns or perhaps brown bag sessions where people gather together to discuss topics such as mental health or talk about techniques individuals use to combat stress. The great thing about wellbeing workshops is they also provide feedback on other areas employees would like to learn about or resources made available to them with regards to their health & wellness. 


8. Mobile apps - If you go to the App Store there are so many categories that can help with employee wellbeing ranging from Health & Fitness to Medical. My personal favourite for managing work related stress is Headspace, you can do short sessions during lunch time where you refocus the mind and lower your stress and anxiety levels. Getting employees to share which apps they recommend is a great way to engage people in making their own wellness a priority.   


If wellness is not really discussed in your workplace why not host a Wellness Week in order to launch your new offerings to employees. Every day you could use a different communication mechanism from the above and see which ones are the most effective in promoting wellbeing in your organisation. 











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